Jim Nielsen loves food & websites.

I’m a web generalist — a designer who codes.

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My blog

I write to seek clarity and improve my thinking–a form of QA before my thoughts go to prod as words out of my mouth.


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iOS, macOS, and watchOS Icon Galleries

For over a decade I’ve been designing, developing, and curating a gallery of beautiful icons from Apple’s ecosystem.


Latest writeups:

The App Icon Book

With the world-class iconist Michael Flarup, I helped create this book to celebrate the history and art of iOS app icon design.




Flying J Pies

I love a good pie.

Like anything you care about to a level others might deem absurd: if you want it done right, you’ve got to do it yourself. So I make my own pies and document each one.

Go salivate.


A satirical website made to illustrate the problems of a world where habitul breakage on the web platform becomes accepted as the price of progress.