Jim Nielsen, Generalist / Designer, Front-end Engineer, Writer

Making Websites Since 2001

I think the web browser is the most influential piece of software ever written, and I’ve 20+ years designing and building experiences around it. I thrive at intersection of art and engineering on the web.


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Passion Projects

Personal Blog

Since 2012

Renowned writing linked to by leading industry social sites, publications, and newsletters such as Smashing Magazine, Changelog, JavaScript Weekly, Sidebar.io, An Event Apart, HeyDesigner, CSS Tricks, Hacker News, and more.

Jeremy Keith damn, do I enjoy reading [Jim’s] blog.

Sara Soueidan I, for one, love seeing [Jim’s] posts in my RSS reader.

Chris Coyier Jim was blowin’ minds the other day when he blogged…

iOS, macOS, and watchOS Icon Galleries

Since 2011

Years designing, developing, curating, blogging about, and talking about my collection of app icons.

Brian Lovin Love these [icon sites] Nicely done @jimniels

The App Icon Book


Recruited by world-class iconist Michael Flarup to help write, curate, and design the book, whose first run funded on KickStarter at ~$130,000 by 1,450 backers.

John Gruber Take my money — I can’t wait to devour this book. It looks so good.

Jason Snell A gorgeous art book/coffee table book that preserves the history of iOS app icon art.

John Voorhees My expectations were high, and I’m happy to report that it doesn’t disappoint.


Founding Software Engineer @ Quadratic

Since 2023 · Remote

Design, code, and education for a startup building an infinite spreadsheet powered by code and aimed at developers and data scientists. Writeups…

Director of Design @ Remix

2022 · Remote

Design, front-end, and writing for a web application framework startup. Acquired by Shopify. Writeups…

Director of Design @ SageSure

2016–2022 · Remote

Design and front-end leadership at an insurance company which grew from $200M to $1B+ in premium during my tenure. Writeups…

There’s more: a few tech startups in NYC, a lifeguard when I was 16 — contact me for those deets.