Jim Nielsen: design, development, donuts.

Who are you? Reductively, I’m a designer who codes. That said, I’m trying to not define myself by my profession or website—yet here we are.

What’s your expertise? Working across the perceivedly disparate boundaries of design, engineering, and product.

What are your hard skills? Design (Figma, Sketch, Photoshop), web technologies (HTML, CSS, JS—in all its flavors), product (shaping, scoping, vision), and writing (articulating, reasoning, influencing).

How do I contact you? In descending order of preference:

Anything else? Yes, please enjoy my collection of personal projects, both current and past—or jump to employment.

My blog

I write to seek clarity and improve my thinking–a form of QA before my thoughts go to prod as words out of my mouth.


Latest posts:


iOS, macOS, and watchOS Icon Galleries

For over a decade I’ve been designing, developing, and curating a gallery of beautiful icons from Apple’s ecosystem.


Latest writeups:

The App Icon Book

With the world-class iconist Michael Flarup, I’ve helped create this book celebrating the history and art of iOS app icon design.




Flying J Pies

I love a good pie.

Like anything you care about to a level others might deem absurd: if you want it done right, you’ve got to do it yourself. So I make my own pies and document each one.

Go salivate.


A satirical website made to illustrate the problems of a world where habitul breakage on the web platform becomes accepted as the price of progress.